In the Public Realm

Publication Studio Portland Biennial book

This companion to the biennial contains the curator’s thoughts on the exhibitions, artist interviews and more, and will be available at each venue or by visiting

Artist: Publication Studio

Kiosk Kiosk Kiosk

A synthesis of the critical voice of anarchist author John Zerzan and artist Christopher Michlig’s interest in engaging public space and language itself, three kiosk cubes will be staged at public sites across Portland, standing as catalysts for latent possibility. The kiosks’ exteriors will integrate excerpts from Zerzan’s writing; free pamphlets featuring his full text will be distributed at each kiosk.

Artists: Christopher Michlig & John Zerzan

Portland2014 Public Billboards

Portland2014 will feature three public billboards that will be sited across Portland, each addressing a theme of landscape. Sites will be announced on the biennial website.

Artists: Modou Dieng & Devon VanHoulten-Maldonado, Ralph Pugay and Richard Thompson.