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The first exhibition of Disjecta’s 2012–2013 Curator-in-Residence program features new work from Oakland-based multimedia artist Suzy Poling. For Disjecta, Poling has created a series of large-scale experimental photographs and video installations that address issues of ecology, materiality, and regeneration.

Poling provides stunning examples of the strange and captivating discoveries that can be made at the border between science and the metaphysical. Exploring themes of growth, mutation and decay, Poling uses the language and methods of scientific inquiry to investigate phenomena in the natural environment. A visual alchemy exists in Poling’s process, one that threads together the historical movements of Russian constructivism, Viennese Actionists and the work of experimental artist and filmmaker Harry Smith.

Curator-in-Residence Josephine Zarkovich reflects on Poling’s work as visionary and elemental, stating, “Sometimes imagining that something is possible is the first step to making it a reality. I see Poling as a visionary thinker, which is both precarious and exciting in the artistic process.”

Working off of Poling’s visual language, Zarkovich has included two Portland-based visual artists, Pat Maher and Liz Harris. Like Poling, Maher and Harris are both visual artists whose practice is deeply influenced by years of producing and touring as experimental musicians. Parallels between audio and visual processes exist between all three artists, including the use of distortion, repetition, and collage. The language of experimental music connects this exhibition, and acts as an alchemical element that the artists have used to create strange new materials on the frontier of visual art.

Opening night peformances include Princess Dies, White Gourd, Pod Blotz, Diamond Cataloge and DJ Aaron Montaigne.

 View the opening, performance stills and the installation here.


"..the multi-disciplinary mindset Zarkovich has brought to her first exhibition of the year bodes well for more to come." --John Motley, "Artist Poling reaches back, looks to digital frontier" Oregonian, (October 19, 2012)

"Elemental Forces looks to be a promising opener to Disjecta's season." --Matt Stangel, "A Geek's Curator: Josephine Zarkovich Likes Sci-Fi (and Now She Has the Keys to Disjecta)" Portland Mercury, (September 20, 2012)

"Wildly creative LA noise-rock band Liars have guest-contributed to Dazed Digital, giving us a whirlwind insight into some of their eclectic ideas and inspirations....Demonstrating their taste for the rare and eclectic, first up artist Suzy Poling for an exclusive interview." Dazed Digital, (September 9, 2012)


About the artists

Suzy Poling is an artist based in Oakland, California. Her work has been featured in Harper’s Magazine, Wired, and the Los Angeles Times. Recent site-specific exhibitions and performances include the Berkeley Art Museum; Machine Projects, Los Angeles; Yerba Buena Center for the Arts; Cal Poly University, CA; Queen’s Nails Annex, San Francisco; Southern Exposure, San Francisco; Portland Institute for Contemporary Art; and Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, NE. She has lectured at the De Young Museum, Headlands Center for the Arts, and San Francisco Art Institute.

In addition to her visual work, Poling also performs throughout the US and Europe as an experimental musician, Pod Blotz (click for video). Poling is represented by ZG Gallery in Chicago and is a nominee for SFMOMA’s SECA Award

Portland-based artist and musician Liz Harris received her Bachelor of Art from UC Berkeley in 2002. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries throughout Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Tokyo, and Portland and she has also received support from such institutions as the Galeria Zé Dos Bois (Lisbon) and Issue Project Room (New York). Harris’ experimental music and field-recording project Grouper recently released the vinyl 7” Water People as part of a residency with the Ballroom Marfa Foundation (Texas). Liz Harris is represented by Nationale in Portland, Oregon.

Pat Maher began creating and self-distributing collage zines and noise tapes at age 15 and has pretty much stuck with it and slowly expanded ever since.  Visual works have appeared in the various-artist collection books of Nazi Knife/False Flag, and vinyl records have been issued by various labels under the monikers Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting, Indignant Senility, and Diamond Catalog, among others. Pat has an upcoming exhibition at Dem Passwords, West Hollywood, in October.


About Disjecta's Curator-in-Residence Program 

The Curator-in-Residence program provides an opportunity for emerging local and national curatorial talent to develop and expand the scope of their practice. During their one-year residency, curators engage a broad range of artists to create a series of exhibitions in Disjecta’s dynamic 3,500-square-foot space. By showcasing new work and fueling collaborations between artists, curators, and viewers, Disjecta seeks to impact new audiences and intervene in the larger contemporary arts dialogue. Josephine Zarkovich, MA in Curatorial Practice from the California College of the Arts, was selected as the 2012–2013 Curator-in-Residence. The CIR program receives major support from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. 




Free public reception: Thursday, September 27,  6–10pm

Exhibition: Fri / Sat / Sun

Noon–5pm or by appointment