Project Description


May 1st, 2015

Disjecta hosts Communion, a music and visual arts performance organized by Daniel McManus and Phil Gregory. Communion seeks to bring together musicians and visual artists from different genres and backgrounds in a shared creative space, with opportunities for full artistic expression outside the confines of a typical music set. The musical performances feature projected visuals by local artists, who will be developing new, improvisational work during the live show as well as showcasing existing work. Sets are designed to crossfade and evolve into one another, allowing for collaboration and a continually evolving atmosphere.This one-night event will feature a special collaboration performance by Mamiffer (Seattle, WA) and Daniel Menche (Portland, OR) as well as custom light installations by Rick Zar (Eugene, OR).

Also included are musical performances by Project Metamorphosis, Sceptre Fretpen, and Small Hands of Stone, with art by Rick Zar, J.R. Slattum, Meesha Goldberg, Justin Potts, Matt Schlosky, and Grace Passerotti.


Mamiffer originated as a studio project centered around Faith Coloccia, former mastermind of the Southern California experimental music collective Everlovely Lightningheart. The group eventually gravitated towards a core duo of Coloccia and husband Aaron Turner of ISIS and Old Man Gloom. Coloccia and Turner have collaborated with Chicago noise experimentalists Locrian, teamed up for split releases with Texan soundscapers Pyramids and Finnish art metallurgists Circle, and issued several limited edition cassettes. They released the full-length album Mare Decendrii in 2011, followed by Statu Nascendi in 2014.

Currently based in Portland, OR, Daniel Menche has been recording and performing music since 1989. Today, he continues his extensive live performances throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Menche brings unusual focus and determination to a genre known for its chaotic structure. His contemporary work harnesses elements of self-made recorded sound sources, instruments, and percussion.

Born in San Pedro, CA, Rick Zar works primarily with light and glass and is noted for freeing the medium of neon art from its shop setting, creating live, on-site neon sculptures and kinetic neon environments. He is an innovator of miniature neon, creating works as small as one millimeter in diameter and as long as thirty feet. In addition to working three-dimensionally, he uses photography to capture his one-of-a-kind glass sculptures. Zar’s clients include artists such as James Turrell, Lili Lakich, and Larry Albright.

Project Metamorphosis is led by Daniel McManus. His works feature meditative reflections on solo guitar and structured improvisation. Current and past projects include Synthetic Dreams, Dreamstates, and Non-Duality, a performance combining music and visuals. McManus’ live performances incorporate visuals by J.R. Slattum.

Sceptre Fretpen is an ambient/ aleatoric/ experimental duo from Portland, Oregon.

Small Hands of Stone is Andy Savoy (guitar and percussion) and Sei Harris (cello, loops, and processing). Their music combines elements of electronic drone, noise, and Indian classical music, featuring acoustic guitar, cello, and live processing.

J.R. Slattum is a self-taught artist whose work has an international following. Taking quantum physics, metaphysics, and mythology as points of interest, he invites his viewers to question their beliefs and perceptions. A sculptor as well as a painter, Slattum views the process of creating as meditative.

Born in Queens, NY, Meesha Goldberg is currently based in Eugene, OR. She works with various media including oil paint, pen and ink, glass, and neon. Through her work, Goldberg stitches together maps of psychic, emotional, and natural landscapes in an attempt to comprehend our position in the cosmos. From 2012-2015, she collaborated with artist Rick Zar on neon and oil paintings and live neon installations at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, CA. Ongoing projects include writing for LoBurn Magazine, a tarot deck produced in collaboration with Portland digital artist Kamina Kapow, and national and international exhibitions. Goldberg has a solo show opening in April 2015 at The Brassworks Gallery in Portland and will be attending a residency at The Star & Snake, NH in October.

Matt Schlosky is a Portland-based artist, muralist and designer. Born and raised in Rochester, NY, he holds a BFA in Industrial Design with a focus in Toy Design from the Columbus College of Art and Design. Schlosky’s work is inspired by myth, ancient cultures, tribal art, comic books, and Art Nuevo, taking on a style somewhere between traditional graffiti and impressionist painting. His clients include Proctor and Gamble, Beni Hani, Jack Daniels, the City of Portland, The Columbus Zoo, Revol Cell phones, Jameson, Radio Popper.

Justin Potts is a multidisciplinary musician and artist living and working in Portland, Oregon. His approach is predicated on openness to the unknown through improvisation. His work captures hidden aspects of reality – the fleeting moments between pulses of light, and the mysterious undercurrents that sway perceptions and influence thoughts and actions.




Door and drinks at 7pm
Show at 8pm


Tickets $10 at Door