Project Description

Croatian Architectural Reclamation Project (CARP) at the Venice Biennale

Artist: Zefrey Throwell and Ivan Mesek
May 29th, 2013 – June 7th, 2013

We’re delighted to support artist Zefrey Throwell’s new project at the Venice Biennale.
Venice is one of the crown jewels of our civilization. Built upon water, it is one of the most interesting cities in the world – and historically not without controversy. Venice was built using large trees as piles to bolster a town constructed on small islands surrounded by marshes. Building on a Yugoslavian communist era myth that Venice stole a forest and a mountain from Croatia to engineer their city, The Croatian Architectural Reclamation Project (CARP) will set the record straight.
CARP is New York artist Zefrey Throwell and Croatian artist Ivan Mesek. They will visit Venice and reclaim stone and wood that rightfully belongs to Croatia. Working with both a Venetian archeologist and architect, CARP will identify materials that belong to Croatia. Upon identification, CARP will load these materials upon a boat and bring them back to Croatia.
View images from the project here.

About the Artists

Zefrey Throwell is a troublemaker living and working in New York City. Investigating honest communication, in all its varied plumage, is his aim. Working with video, radio, painting and people he is exploring the connecting points and underpinnings of social discourse. He is a member of three collectives: THROWHITE, Red76 and Cameracartell. In addition he co-directs a gallery called Engineer’s Office Gallery in the heart of Rockefeller Center.

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Ivan Mesek has been the Chairman of the Croatian Artists Society Varaždin since 2000. He is an active multi-media driven artist who practices painting, installation, urban interventions, performance art, graphic design, and photography. He has presented more than 20 individual exhibitions and was a part of several dozen group exhibitions, and projects throughout Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Great Britain and the USA.
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Venice, Italy