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MANHATTAN: A Walking Tour

Artist: Khris Soden
March 15th, 2015

Artist Khris Soden leads a one-and-a-half mile walking through Portland’s St. Johns neighborhood, a place once advertised as becoming the “Manhattan of the West”. The tour reveals the neighborhood’s connections with the New York Borough and explores the ambitions, successes, failures and follies that are part of the process of city-building and life in general.

About the Artist

Khris Soden (b.1975) is an artist, historian, illustrator, navigator, and time traveler who spends most of his waking hours thinking about the past, present and future versions of Portland, Oregon. His work aims to direct people’s attention to the parts of their everyday environment that they may not have noticed before.


Tour begins at c3:initiative


Tour begins at 2:00pm