Project Description

John Krausbauer (w/Jeremy Long) / Seth Nehil / ACRE

July 6th, 2015

Please join us for an evening of experimental music at Disjecta with touring composer/musician John Krausbauer (LA). He and Jeremy Long will perform his composition “Music for Accordion(s)/Harmonium(s)”. Plus, new work by Seth Nehil and a performance from ACRE (Aaron Davis).


John Krausbauer is a music maker currently living in Los Angeles. He has performed his music in a multitude of settings – from basements and rock clubs to colleges and art galleries. Numerous recordings of his work have been released on independent labels in both the US and Europe. In recent years his focus has been on his solo work/compositions, Ecstatic Music Band, The Essentialists and most recently the formation of the Minimalist psych-punk group – Night Collectors. Trance-Psychedelia is the aim and goal. “Music for Harmonium(s)/Accordion(s)” is a systems-based composition for live and multitracked accordions and harmoniums with a slow phasing/detuning of a fundamental tone and the building of a complex/dense chord structure over the duration of the piece. The sound textures generate a multitude of beating tones, audibly active harmonic movement and complex overtone patterns, as well as other psychoacoustic phenomena.”


Seth Nehil is a sound and video artist. He has released over 15 albums of distinctive experimental music since 1998 and has been active in creating original scores for dance, theater and installation. He currently teaches in the Video & Sound Department at the Pacific NW College of Art among other schools.


Dubbed “The Pacific Northwest’s Dronelord” by aquarius records, Acre has been performing across the united states in any moldy basement, art gallery, or venue he can for over 10 years. Formed in Olympia Washington and now based out of Portland Oregon. first starting out with mixer feedback and now moving onto bass and live sampling the drone goes on!




9:00 pm