Project Description

Summer Performance Series

Artist: Nicole Ginelli and Caitlin Denny, ARCN TEMPL, MSHR, Threads  | Curator: Eilish Cullen
August 10th, 2013

Please join us for Ambient Exploitation, a video and audio performance with Nicole Ginelli (Chicago) and Caitlin Denny (San Francisco). Projections backed by live and pre recorded audio will accompany a live physical performance about tech industry idealism, confusion and collapse. Other performers include ARCN TEMPL, MSHR, and Threads.


ARCN TEMPL‘s Vivian Wang and Leslie Low on tour from Singapore utilize voice, acoustic guitars, organs, harmonica, percussion, and traditional/non traditional instrumentation to create a stunning blend of otherworldly, spiritual folk, eerie hypnagogic atmospherics and washes of neo-classical structure & ambient fauna.

MSHR is a collaborative project by Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy. MSHR explores ceremonial, cybernetic and cyborgian realms through interactive installation, computer generated spaces, analog instrument design and ritualistic performance. Using blind probe-heads for hands they feel out the space of the hyper-object chamber, exploring the texture and searching for new hallways.

Portland based Threads is comprised of Aaron Davis (Acre) and Barbara Kinzle (The Slaves). This will be the premier of their new collaborative project. Barbara Kinzle is an interdisciplinary fine artist, musician, and active member of the art collective Oregon Painting Society. Aaron Davis has spent years of experimentation with guitar, alternate tunings, synths, and multiple amp setups performing solo as Acre and in numerous collaborations; utilizing and expanding on the phasing and generative music techniques put forth by Steve Reich, Sonic Boom, and Phill Niblock, Acre’s sound is characterized by a dense wall of heavy drone based sounds.