Project Description

Techne Rendered Dawn

Artist: Group Show | Curator: Wyatt Schaffner
August 31st, 2012

Building is an art [techne] and is essentially a reasoned productive state, and since there is no art that is not a state of this kind…it follows that art is the same as a productive state. Every art is concerned with bringing something into being, and the practice of an art is the study of how to bring into being something that is capable either of being or of not being . . .


Techne is the soul of creation, the human spark of invention and creativity that allows us to create a cybernetic loop with the technology we conceive. The blurred duality of the machine/human threshold exists as a virtual reality, through levels of engagement with the creator and the epistipcal knowledge that comes out of design and craft. As a performance, techne engages a past/present/future transgression of the boundaries between the human and non-human, culture and nature, enabling the “imaginative reality” of hypermagic spectacle to emerge; as written in the Cyborg Manifesto, the capacity for objects to mythologize an interface of automaton and autonomy.#

Where as virtual reality conventionally conceived by technoindustrial processes is commoditized for future obsolescence in an economy of artifacts, the virtual states achieved by techne can also be a materialized dialogue between and artist and their symbio/physical environment. Art becomes a science in which to mirror tactile knowledge, simulating a relationship that has existed in the holographic memory of civilization. The collective experience of augmented reality as art informs an audience with the demonstration of craft, through homemade photo-synthesizers, tape decks, and home movies, as example, to reinterpret media and virtual realities as collective engagement through social practice.

Through a realm of mediums and formats, performance/stage/installations and virtual immersions, these musicians and filmmakers, along with Experimental Half-Hour and Disjecta, invite participation into an evening of augmented reality as integrated technology and interactive performance.

///Live Video Synthesis Provided by Experimental Half-Hour///

Performances by:
The Tenses
Future Death Toll
Matt Carlson
Jason Urick

Films By:
Liz Harris
Taryn Tomasello

Installations by:
John Rau & Olivia Erlanger

Sahel Sounds