A Mortal Song: Caley Feeney and Tori Wrånes

January 31–March 6, 2016

A Mortal Song is an exhibition with performance elements by Norwegian artist Tori Wrånes and Portland-based artist Caley Feeney. Both artists use intimate symbol systems and idiosyncratic languages to traverse contemporary landscapes. Weaving together influence from pop-culture, special effects, dreams, noise, and the subconscious. A Mortal Song will include installation, large sculpture, works on paper, and sound to create an imagined world that collapses in and out of our own.

Public Programs

Saturday March 5, 5–8pm
Special Closing Event: For the closing event we invite audience to participate in a fluid conversation with Caley Feeney and curator Chiara Giovando. We will sit in and on the installation, talk about non-specific things–like the potential of an object to hold and emit energy, paint our noses, and sing songs. Audience members are encouraged to come with a song to sing a cappella and to dress in brightly-colored clothing. Drinks and face paint will be provided.

Cat Mummies at The Louvre (Caley Feeney and Mary Sutton) will perform a set of original material at 6PM.

If you missed Caley’s performance at the opening, there will be cassette singles by Another Green Swirl (AGS) available at the closing. AGS is Caley Feeney, Mat Madani, Barbara Kinzle, and Steve Christman.

Caley Feeney is a visual and performance artist based in Portland, OR. Originally from Anchorage, she has lived in Portland since 2006. Her works have been exhibited in Portland as well as in Philadelphia and Toronto. She recently collaborated as a solo vocalist with dancer Allie Hankins as part of the Creative Music Guild’s annual festival, the Improvisation Summit of Portland. Documentation of her most recent solo exhibition at Lowell in Portland can be found on her website.

Tori Wrånes is a Norwegian artist and vocalist whose work combines the voice with sculpture in performance. Her use of vivid sounds and costumes alter her appearance, creating new dreamlike constellations in dynamic architectural and multi-sensory sculptural environments. Recent works that demonstrate these whimsical fantasies include: STONE and SINGER commissioned for the 19th Biennale of Sydney (2014) featuring Wrånes as a troll singing into her tail accompanied by an elevated brass ensemble; YOUR NEXT VACATION IS CALLING at Lilith Performance Studio in Malmø, Sweden (2014) where Wrånes transformed the space into a three-dimensional abstract painting with suspended furniture, hovering beanbags, and a chorus of performers; and YES NIX, a commission for Performa 13, where Wrånes, suspended upside-down from the ceiling explored the physicality of her own voice against the backdrop of singers on bicycles. Wrånes recently took part in a one-year residency at ISCP (International studio and curatorial program) in New York.