Design Week Portland 2019
Amplifier: A multi-sensory tasting event

Curated by Ethan Rose of Parallel Studio, Blake Shell of Disjecta, and Marilee Sweeney of Gastronaut Design
Thursday, April 11, 2019, 6-10pm
Held at the Jupiter NEXT Hotel
Photos by Jordan Hughes

Amplifier is a multisensory tasting event, cross-pollinating Portland’s all-star mixologists with exceptional sound and visual designers. The event will be held at the Jupiter Next Hotel Thursday April 11th during Design Week Portland, and invites participants to select a ticket from thirty minute time slots, allowing them to be guided through sensory immersion rooms in small groups of ten.

Curators Ethan Rose of Parallel Studio, Blake Shell of Disjecta, and Marilee Sweeney of Gastronaut Design matched up three teams of a mixologist, a sound designer, and a visual artist. These teams dove into experiential design together, creating three distinct sensory immersion rooms wrapped around a featured cocktail. Amplifier gives these teams a platform to explore how sound and visual design can be used to amplify the experience of taste and deepen sensory experience as a whole.

Team 1 // Mixologist Emily Mistell of Hey Love, Visual Artist Alyson Provax, Sound Artist Marcus Fisher.

Team 2// Mixologist Leah Brown of Angel Face, Visual Artist Manu Torres, Sound Artist Clint Snow.

Team 3 // Mixologist Jeffrey Morgenthaler of Clyde Common, Visual Artist DB Amorin, Sound Artist Amenta Abioto.

Hosted by AIGA Portland, and Design Portland with visual curation by Blake Shell of Disjecta, sound curation by Ethan Rose of Parallel Studio, libations curation by Marilee Sweeney of Gastronaut Design. Photos of the creative process by Jordan Hughes. Thanks to our sponsors Wacom, Clear Creek Distillery, Cannon Beach Distillery, Lithographix, Neenah, The Jupiter Hotel, Swiss Rosti, Satis Fi, Meyer Pro, and to Thomas Mosier for creating sounds for our Amplifier lounge.