Culinaria Pop Up: Bloom Tomb by Jessie Weitzel Le Grand

Curated by Blake Shell
Saturday, July 6, 2019, 6-9pm
Photos by Mario Gallucci

Disjecta will present a pop-up installation in conjunction with the Carnation Contemporary opening of Bloom Tomb by Jessie Weitzel Le Grand. The event will feature an original menu created by Burger Stevens and drinks by Michelle Ruocco of Han Oak in collaboration with the artist.

Jessie Weitzel Le Grand’s, Bloom Tomb features the newest batch of artifacts, sandwiches and bouquets from the imagined town of Ny By (pronounced knee-bee). Ny By is a town. Not a town of this world, but another. In Ny By, citizens worship blossoms and sandwiches. They pull threads from the soil and collect geodes on the shore. Life here is a mystery. There is no language, no laws, and no existential crises. Each life form is unique, funny, and content. Bloom Tomb presents the peculiar creations of the citizens of Ny By. Imagined as a potential afterlife or alternate dimension, Ny By is a place governed by rules unlike our own. Le Grand’s sculptures capture the objects and arrangements its citizens celebrate. Each artifact reveals more about this constructed reality you may never see yourself.