False Starts, Repairs, and Overhauls: Mark Licari

December 4, 2011 – January 7, 2012

Mark Licari is the fifth exhibiting artist in Jenene Nagy's 2011-2012 Curator-in-Residence season. Licari's work, a series of wall drawings will be in keeping with the overarching theme of Nagy's programming and executed on-site during a short residency. False Starts, Repairs, and Overhauls explores the artist's interest in the geological turbulence of the Pacific Northwest and the succession of life that develops in a post-volcanic landscape. Through the immediacy of drawing, Licari orchestrates a cast of characters and scenarios that attempt to interweave the natural world and human world in a way that exposes absurdities and weaknesses, but also the fantastic potential of our man-made and natural systems. Ultimately, the exhibition will be the result of a story that unfolds and shifts as the artist draws his way through the space.