sanza: Elizabeth Mputu

October 28, 2017
Photos by Kurt Nettleton

Elizabeth Mputu presents sanza a performance event as part of the closing for A Situation of Meat, the inaugural exhibition of Disjecta’s seventh Curator in Residence season with Julia Greenway. Responding to his/her exhibited video work “epigenetic therapy treatment” Mputu offers a healing workshop and performance in which the artist engages directly with participants to put forward tools for physical and emotional healing.

Mputu describes his/her work as an opportunity to give the gift of his/her ancestors’ wisdom as guidance in order to better navigate life. Through video, interactive media, and performance, sanza reconstructs our notions of well-being, both in the physical and digital space.

Elizabeth Mputu is a Florida native of Congolese descent. He/She studied Performance Art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and prior to that attended DePaul University. Mputu’s work mostly focuses on the artist’s ability to grapple with sexuality, gender, the taboo, health, healing and African spirituality filtered through the performative and digital medium. He/she hopes that the findings of their investigations, as defined by the multi-dimensional and biographical pieces the artist creates whether by video, web or physical will be considered THOTful contributions to the archive of the human condition.