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100 Year Plan

Friday, March 15 at 8pm. $15


Friday, March 15 at 7:30pm

Tickets $15:


Emotional.Store duo Bailey Hikawa and Scotty Wagner present their newest performance, “100 Year Plan,” a dystopian response to participating in the producer economy in the age of automation takeover. This live-cinema experience presents a performance of an online video IRL in which two “creatives” risk everything for digital success.

Running time approx. 45 min

Opening for “100 Year Plan” is the amazing Coley Mixan presenting SYNKHRA, the goddess of music & pie, lands once again on planet earth to discover where cadet coley of the F.I.B.E.R. (feminists improving boundless, eternal rock ‘n roll) organization has wandered off to. sensing that some-thing-thing is off ecologically and spiritually within and without the planet, the goddess tap dances a battle against the evil alchemists spreading their bad butter throughout American grasslands. this is an excerpt from the forth-coming, unwritten sci-fi-western-musical The Spiral Who Loved Me (about a giant cinnamon roll from outer/innerspace).

Running time approx 20 min

This event sponsored by KBOO Community Radio and is part of the 100 Year Plan West Coast Tour.

About the Artists:

Emotional.Store is the collaborative duo of artists Scotty Wagner and Bailey Hikawa. They create large scale, multimedia projects that explore the newly forming collective consciousness brought about by the union of the physical with the virtual, and the onset of obsolescence. Through comedic storytelling, magical language, and technological seduction, Emotional.Store projects weave audience members through a viscerally weird conversation around the interplay between systems that drive technological progress and the phenomenology of engagement in a digitally and physically hybridized world.

Coley Mixan is a video+performance artist, musician, public library activist, prairie hoe and joy-filled go machine. following a series of clues, hunches and down right spacey-shenanigans their work is an (g)astronomic athleticism that sleuths for a secret recipe to deconstruct the patriarchal, capitalist and colonized glaze dripping across intersectional pastries. mixan is an earth-bound representative for F.I.B.E.R. (feminists improving boundless, eternal rock ‘ roll), a local and intragalactic organization, best known for its ability to relieve white, patriarchal & capitalist constipation/conspiracies. F.I.B.E.R. investigates sounds waves as gluten channels as loving caresses as beautiful souls as power-full womxn as couRAGEous and compASSionate strivers while also centering wonder-lust to the pure humor of earth-bound metaphors for metamorphosis.


“100 Year Plan” West Coast Tour Dates:

3/8 Los Angeles The Mortuary 8pm
3/9 Los Angeles @ The Mortuary 8pm
3/13 Oakland Real Time & Space 7pm
3/15 Portland @ DISJECTA 8pm with Coley Mixan
3/16 Seattle Northwest Film Forum 5pm part of the ByDesign Festival
3/17 Vancouver FIELD Contemporary 8pm

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