Project Description

History Lessons

Artist: Durden and Ray
December 7th, 2013 – December 29th, 2013

Los Angeles based collective Durden and Ray presents a series of historical reenactment videos. The conceptual linkage concerns the assassination of the Russian Romanov family; the gunfight at the OK Corral; and the atom bomb test sites; each exploring aspects of power and its ramifications through history particularly in regards to power and its representations; illegality of action; and historical revisionism, democracy and autonomy.

For each reenactment, a member of the collective selects an historical event, a filming location, a general flow of action within that space, and the running time. Participants in the video can select any role, including camera person, and they can reenact the event based upon their own research, memory, or imagination of what historically happened. There can be more than one person reenacting the same part, but conversely not every part must be filled as the performers do not intentionally interact with each other as a way to amplify the hermetic aspects of historical interpretation. This is not acting but an engagement with notions of history, facticity and influence.

For this particular iteration of the ongoing D&R historical enactment project, we present 3 videos under the umbrella term, History Lessons.

About Durden and Ray

Based in Los Angeles since January 2010, Durden and Ray is comprised of artists and curators who work collaboratively to create exhibition opportunities in cooperating gallery spaces around the world. The Durden and Ray model expressly overlaps multiple strategies, including the commercial potential and visual I.D. of a gallery, the democratic structure of an artist’s group, the potential to create collaborative works of art in the manner of a collective, and the shared fiscal support of its programs by group members and partnering organizations similar to a non-profit. The group has already seen notable success, realizing exhibitions in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and beyond. A true exemplar of organizational innovation, the Durden and Ray engine opens new pathways between self-motivated contemporary artists, arts organizers, and contemporary exhibition spaces worldwide.

Durden and Ray Artists:

Emily Counts
Roni Feldman
Kio Griffith
Luis G. Hernandez
Claudia Parducci
Max Presneill
Grant Vetter

Invited Artists:

Michael Endo
Emily Nachison
Yoshie Sakai


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