Project Description

Japanther vs. Night Shade

June 8th, 2012 – June 10th, 2012

Disjecta Interdisciplinary Art Center is pleased to present  “JAPANTHER  VS. NIGHT SHADE: The Revenge”, three nights of cinematic style shadow puppets colliding with the live combustion of Japanther, named “Best Live Band” by the Village Voice in 2011. The punk rock shadow puppet showdown “Revenge”  is replete with spooky sound-effects and the intricate silhouette images of graffiti artists, morphing man-panthers, tentacles of terror, and…ice cream.

“The Revenge” marks Night Shade’s return to Disjecta following the sold-out run in 2009 of “Night Shade”, a full length epic shadow play complete with over 700 hand cut-outs. With Japanther providing the cacophonic score, bigger and badder puppets and a refined edginess, “The Revenge” promises diabolical art house spectacle.

Lil Taste? Puppet Video Art Show
A project collaboration between The Hand/Night Shade and Japanther featuring large diorama boxes filled with sets, props, and puppets created by The Hand/Night Shade enmeshed with the music of Japanther. From the Village Voice: ?”The power-mad New York act Japanther has released a grimly awesome video for “Lil Taste” a manic track off their album Beets, Limes, & Rice. The video is by the Portland-based puppetry troupe Night Shade…stuffed to the gills with drugs, knifeplay, and, of course, Japanther’s potent brand of rock and roll.?”




Described  as  “art-rock  installation  paratroopers”  and  “a  studied  form  of  New Wave anarchism”  by Flash Art, a   “Performance   Galaxy” by Vanity Fair, “Super hard,   incredibly fast and  overall  inspiring”  by Thrasher,  “more  accessible  than  other  bands   of   its   genre” by the New Yorker, and   “the   best   band   ever,   straight   up”   by Tokion, Japanther has always been a band apart, running the gamut from performance art to punk rock and back again. Japanther has returned with Beets, Limes and Rice, a celebration of ten years in the underground and an ultra- contemporary meditation on catharsis and being in love in a time of darkness. From Venice Beach to Rockaway Beach, this new album delivers a new urban punk rock dance sound that bursts with California sunshine and amped-up collaborations with Ninjasonik, Erick Lyle, Total Warr and John McIntyr.



Night Shade is a group of artists rebelling against traditional flat-surface silhouettes and revolutionizing the ancient art of shadow puppetry by using light to manipulate depth and space. Night Shade blends hand- held lights, masks, puppets, composed music, sound-effects, and experimental storytelling into a bewitching form of cinematic puppetry that flows like film. Night Shade have performed at the Voice4Vision Puppetry Festival in NYC; the New Orleans Fringe Festival; and for the opening night of PICA TBA:10. Nightshade is the recipient of a Henson Foundation Seed Grant.

Performing  in  “THE  REVENGE”  under  the  banner  of  Night  Shade are Alicia Cortes, Sarah Frechette, Mel Larsen, Oviedo Menendez, Chris Rabilwongse, Kevin Bouton- Scott, Cynthia Star, Jason Thibodeaux, and Alain Z. Additional puppetry effects by Michel Fiffe, Tony Morgan and Gabriel Temme.




$8 advance / $10 door /$7 student w/ID
This show contains mature content.