Project Description

Kenton Carousel: A Walking Tour

Artist: Khris Soden
November 23rd, 2014

Kenton Carousel is a one-mile walking tour through a single block of the Kenton neighborhood led by Portland-based artist Khris Soden. Inspired by the video works of Kevin Cooley and Jessica Mallios on view at Disjecta, the tour covers the history of the neighborhood as the audience circles the block. Stories of gentrification, company towns, cowboys, junkies, phone booths, Japanese immigration, and biologic infestations all make appearances during the tour. The tour will conclude with drinks at the World Famous Kenton Club.

About the Artist

Khris Soden (b.1975) is an artist, historian, illustrator, navigator, and time traveler who spends most of his waking hours thinking about the past, present and future versions of Portland, Oregon. His work aims to direct people’s attention to the parts of their everyday environment that they may not have noticed before.


Tour begins at Disjecta


Tour begins at 2:00pm