Project Description


August 23rd, 2013 – August 25th, 2013

Choreographed and Created by Lucy Lee Yim
with Composer Jesse Mejia
in collaboration with
Dancers Keyon Gaskin, Leah Wilmoth and Taka Yamamoto
Music Composed and Performed by Jesse Mejia
Costumes by Sara Bergman
Lighting Design Jeff Forbes


In Light Noise, the sensuality of the body, as a material, and the power of the body, as an image is performed. Bodies become crystalline forms, animals out to pasture, warriors and queens. Light Noise works under the notion that our bodies are not completely ours but always subjected to the eyes of others, hybridized and complex. Sourcing from the individuality of the dancers, Light Noise mines the particulars of this complexity, engaging with the potential that arises while working to embody it. What emerges is an inquisitive, questioning body where a myriad of archetypes wash through, passing like ghosts and fantasy beings.



Lucy’s dances are formed from a collaged identity, containing parts from various influences from Jane Fonda to Yvonne Rainer. Her work has been described as a marbled fantasy­fable with degrees of fatty narrative intentionally trimmed. She is always in conversation with the body, with the parts that are culturally confused and culturally gendered. Nodding to more traditional and virtuosic forms of dance, Lucy ultimately searches to clash this paradigm with a stranger and more bizarre one. Her work has been supported by Individual Project Grants (RACC) as well as private donors. She was a choreographer in residence at the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies (NYC 2006) and recently was selected as an Artist in Residence at Performance Works Northwest (Portland 2013).

Her dances have been featured in several New York City and Portland dance festivals such as the The Chocolate Factory’s Fresh Meat Festival (NYC 2007), Conduit’s Sea/Port (Portland 2011) and the Salvage Vanguard Theatre’s Spank Dance Festival (Austin 2012). Her first evening length work Loose Hands Lunging premiered at the Headwaters Theatre in 2011. Lucy is also known for her performances with choreographers Milka Djordjevich, Linda Austin, and Tahni Holt. In TBA:08 she took part in the Halprin Fountain Project under Cydney Wilkes’ direction. She holds a BA in Liberal Studies from Sarah Lawrence College.




Show at 8:00PM