Project Description


Artist: Nathanael Thayer Moss | Curator: Kendra Larson
September 28th, 2013 – November 30th, 2013

“There is an ever seamless duality of beginnings and endings. Life & death are tightly woven; inseparable. This is a perpetual flow. One simply cannot exist without the other. This is a memorandum of those that have made huge impacts on my life. It is a nostalgia of memories regarding the adroitness of those persons through struggles and triumphs. Though it is hard to say where lies the zenith of their existence, it can be said that they did so with dexterity. In memory of Thomas Dexter Stevens. ”
-Nathanael Thayer Moss


Nathanael Thayer Moss is a multidisciplinary artist working in Portland, OR. Born in Mississippi in 1982, he produces/collaborates on a variety of projects including painting, sculpture, installation, performance, recording/editing/producing, video, & design. His current work explores transcendental ideas of perfection and simplicism through esoteric design and repetitive geometry as an illusion of control. Drawing on influences of futurist design, space architecture, video game landscapes, and electronic music, the work mutates structure within constraints and variables. It attempts to bend the rules of formulaic restrictions by balancing design and chaos working in pre-determined parameters as a way to produce meta-iconic imagery. Moss holds a BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design. He has an extensive exhibition record including venues such as Apex Art  in Chelsea, NY; Worksound in Portland, OR; and Tree House Gallery in Providence, RI.

About the Vestibule

 The Vestibule is an independent project space housed within  Disjecta and dedicated to showing dynamic contemporary art. We are primarily interested  in site-specific installations, collaborations, and any other original ideas that execute the space in exciting ways.

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