Project Description

Superpositions: SurvivalSkills, Montgomery Word, Omari Jazz, Reliqs

Friday, December 14th
Disjecta Contemporary Art Center
7 – 10pm
No-one gets turned away for lack of funds

Disjecta presents Superpositions, the first night of a two night sonic and visual event happening on December 14th and 15th. Four musicians from the Portland area will be performing multichannel and stereo sets across various disciplines and genres in electronic and experimental music, along with live immersive visuals for each of their sets.

SurvivalSkills is Aaron Bergeson, graphic designer, guitarist, DJ, producer, and electronic musician, whose chilled out beats, and years-long cultivated skills as a selector have his audiences grooving for hours on end at the multiple venues he plays in Portland and abroad.

Montgomery Word is Jon Simon, mathematician, front man of Ewe of Now Recordings (, and also known as Disxiple_113. His exquisitely rendered rack synth explorations and ear tingling beat excursions deliver nothing short of sonic concoctions that skirt along the boundaries of minimal synth, experimental noise, abstract hip-hop, and sample-based sequences of the highest variety.

Omari Jazz is a tour-de-force of underground, uptempo, hip-hop infused audio production. His live performances are a sight to behold and nothting short of awe-inspiring. It’s hard to put into words what this young man is capable, but seeing and hearing is believing, and you will be singing his praises for days after witnessing one of his sets.

Reliqs is Reese Bowes, industrial designer, visual artist, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist. His sonic explorations are the result of twenty years of DJing across multiple genres, including drum and bass, IDM, glitch, jazz, and new classical electronic music. He’s the resident DJ for the Oregon Symphony, and has performed at PICA, for the annual SIX experimental electronica event, and at multiple venues around Portland including the upcoming monthly first Friday DJ night happening at Killingsworth Dynasty with SurvivalSkills.

Gear provided by Open Signal Community Media Center.