Project Description

Vestibule: Bleach Party

Artist: Kevin Abell & Alex Felton  | Curator: Tamar Monhait
June 5th, 2010 – July 4th, 2010

Bleach Party is an installation by Kevin Abell and Alex Felton. It is the result of a situation generated by an automatic collaborative effort in an alley in SE Portland where containers holding bleach were remotely ruptured on to black canvases and other materials. Simultaneously deconstructive and constructive, Bleach Party is an experiment with and an investigation into how ideas, actions, negations, communities, and chance can generate things that take on a life of their own. Also, how these embodiments, projected by collective action and instigated by loose intent, acquire, remove, and create meaning. The installation is intersubjective evidence of these processes.

The opening night of Bleach Party is also the release party for Nudity in Groups, a publication compiled by Kevin and Alex. It is the result of remote assemblage of submissions (or another form of projection of collective action instigated by loose intent). It features work by: Kevin Abell, Dana Dart-McLean, Alex Felton, Rob Halverson, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Steve Jenkins, Kristan Kennedy, Israel Lund, Corey Lunn, Fletcher Meisenberg, Patricia No, and Seizure Palace. This is a Fast Weapons release in an edition of 250, so get it while you can.


Kevin Abell lives and works in Portland, OR. He received his BFA in Intermedia from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2006. He recently showed work at Car Hole where beer was consumed and art was not. He’s affiliated with Bile Child, N.G.N.M, and Seizure Palace.

Alex Felton lives and works in Portland, OR. He received his BFA in Printmaking from PNCA. Felton has shown with 1430 Contemporary, Car Hole, and Stand Up Comedy.


Vestibule LogoThe Vestibule is an independent project space dedicated to showing dynamic contemporary art. We are primarily interested in site-specific installations, collaborations, and any other original ideas that execute the space in exciting ways. The gallery is housed within Disjecta in North Portland and was established in December 2009.