Project Description

Vestibule: Skulls & Weed

Artist: Group Show | Curator: Craig Wheat
June 4th, 2011 – June 26th, 2011

Skulls & Weed, an interdisciplinary group exhibition guest curated by Portland, Oregon based artist Craig Wheat. It features forty-seven artists from across the United States interpreting the cultural ubiquity of drug and death related iconography in both high and low culture. The show is a collection of diverse contribution including works by painters, photographers, tattoo artists, graffiti artists, designers, illustrators and professional skateboarders. At once playful and demonic, the exhibition aims to celebrate a nostalgia for the burnout adolescent ne’er do well.

Craig Wheat is an interdisciplinary artist whose work is spawned from the collision of skateboarding, comics, fine art, cats, graffiti and music culture. He received his MFA from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2008 and continues to live, shred, and make work in Portland, Oregon.

Artists Included:
Joel Baca, Ray Barrett, Will Beardslee, Olivia Britz, Hunter Buck, Sean Carney, Jacob Cass, Ryan Courter, Kellen Couturier, Carmen Denison, Dominic DeVenuta, Morgaine Faye, Matthew Green, Matt Gruber, Chris Hamilton, Joshum Harpy, Harry Langhor, Joe Larralde, Jeremy LeGrand, Chelsea Linehan, BT Livermore, Israel Lund, Joey Lusterman, Heather M., Nathanael Thayer Moss, Morgan Murphey, Caesy Oney, Jeff P., Al Partanen, Rebecca Peel, Andrew Pommier, Jason Powell, Jeff Proctor, Ralph Pugay, Putrid, Josh Ramp, Micheal Reinsch, The Sea Hag, Michael Seiben, Nicole Smith, Ryan Jacob Smith, Rebeca Steele, Aaron Stengal, Swampy, Tallboy, Brian Tichelaar, Unknown 1 + 2, Corey Urlacher, Brian Visser, John Warren, Mike Welche, John Werrin, Jd White, Daniel Williams



The Vestibule is an independent project space dedicated to showing dynamic contemporary art. We are primarily interested in site-specific installations, collaborations, and any other original ideas that execute the space in exciting ways. The gallery is housed within Disjecta in North Portland and was established in December 2009.